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Spirit of the Lizard

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Spirit of the Lizard
  • Spirit of the Lizard

The Spirit of Lizard

Ancient Egyptians and Greeks associated lizards with good luck and the power of reincarnation. It was even believed that lizards sleep throughout the winter, because they actually spend that time in the realm of the underworld. Lizards are super intuitive creatures; they have to be, in order to escape dangers around and survive. They are masters of self-defense. Transformation and regeneration are ideas that are always associated with lizards; they could literally disappear as they are true artists of camouflage. In addition, reptiles, including lizards, regularly shed their skin, which is also identified with the concept of transformation. Lizards are universal symbol of change and rebirth.
These little ‘dragons’ are also a symbol of endurance and courage, because they could survive harsh weather conditions and always find a way to survive. They know they are not strong, but they are courageous and tactful little ones.
Lizards represent the courage that does not come from physical strength, but from their wits.
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