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Spirit of the Elephant

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Spirit of the Elephant
  • Spirit of the Elephant

Spirit of the Elephant
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Elephants are traditionally considered a symbol of good luck, wisdom, fertility, and protection. With their trunks down, it is thought they are accumulating positive energy and pushing through obstacles. They are particularly potent totems for those seeking fertility, wisdom, or strength.
Elephant symbolism reminds us that we must look after ourselves first before we reach out and help others. Therefore this spirit animal teaches that you should take the time to nurture yourself first.
People with Elephant totem are brilliant and often make excellent researchers or scientists. These people have deep emotions and will respond to those feelings from a place of inner knowing. The family is essential to them, especially the very young and the very old. Folks with this spirit animal always have a soft spot for the weak and the helpless. Loyalty is the Elephant totem person’s strong suit, and they remain loyal despite challenging circumstances in all situations.