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Grandmother Moon

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Grandmother Moon
  • Grandmother Moon

Inspired by the poem below....

A Day Well Finished
At the closing of the day: As the shadows fade from light.
I pause for a moment to pray; Before welcoming in the night.
Sage and sweetgrass smoke ascends; As Grandmother Moon makes her entrance.

My thoughts of oneness transcends; For this day of honor and remembrance.
My deep respect for those who came before; May they never be forgotten.
The Ancestors, Elders, and Mentors; I, their child, begotten.

How small am I in the great mystery; And great the way they provided.
To know them each from history; Their promises will be requitted. Good night Moon, Stars, and Sky;
This day has been finished well. Heart and mind you unify; May there be peace where your spirits dwell.
Copyright © Darlene Smith