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Goddess Ianna (Ishtar), Morning Star

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Goddess Ianna (Ishtar), Morning Star
  • Goddess Ianna (Ishtar), Morning Star

The Morning 🌟Star Goddess Ianna, the Queen of Heaven (or Ishtar as she came to be later known). The oldest Goddess of ancient Sumerian origin (4,000BC), Inanna is a symbol of the planet Venus, which is also known as the morning star, and is the ORIGINAL and FIRST Goddess of love, fertility and war.

The venus symbol ♀️ as well as the planet Venus. Ancient Sumerians who chose not to conform to traditional gender binary were the predominant worshippers of Ianna. Her temple priests, Galas, were non-binary, feminine-robed males who spoke in the emi-sal dialect which was reserved solely for Sumerian women.

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