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About Me

Hi I'm Tracy

A self-taught artist, inspired by spirit and working energetically, aiming to capture vibrational energies and personality from your beloved pet, spirit guide or animal totem.  As well as their likeness and image, I aim to encapsulate and reproduce their essence.  My work has progressed since I began my own spiritual awakening journey in 2012.

My love of animals translated to visitations of various animal totems and other forms of spiritual guides.  I began to paint to bring them to life on paper and as I learned more about paganism and my own starseed origins, I painted spirit guides and otherworldly beings in all their forms, both my own and other's as unique commissions.

I love to use different styles from simple pastel or charcoal sketches, natural and tonal gentle pencil and paint, to bright and vibrant acrylic and pencil work.